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Kylie’s Story

If you asked 18-year old me why I chose to go to college in California, I’d say, “to experience living in another state and explore all it had to offer”.

(School? Who is she? Travel? Yes please!)

Here’s the thing … 

I’d always wanted to travel during college. After all, you have no responsibilities, no commitments, and hey – you’re only young once! But because I didn’t have a car, wasn’t confident in myself, and believed you shouldn’t travel alone, I missed out on SO MANY opportunities to travel (both around California and internationally).

“We’ll do it next time!” never actually became a “next time”.

There’s been times when friends and I planned a trip but had to scrap it because of cold feet. In the end, we all lost out – especially those who were most excited for that adventure.

There’s been countless times I’ve wanted to go on a spontaneous road trip but because no one else wanted to, I assumed the timing wasn’t right.

And then there were moments when I was itching to explore a new town, only to have no one else show interest.

I began to feel trapped having to rely on others, hoping they’d be down for a spontaneous day out.

FOMO (fear of missing out) hit me HARD!

When I graduated from college in 2017, my ambition to see the rest of the world only grew more. But with no one around me feeling that same passion, how could I travel? 

Waiting on others didn’t make sense anymore. Why should I sacrifice my love of traveling, waiting for others who were hardly interested? 

And then I thought … Why deprive myself of traveling? Why not take charge of my life? And that’s when I decided to take a leap of faith and live abroad.

So in 2019, I packed my bags and moved abroad to teach in Thailand! Teaching gave me an incredible chance to experience living and working abroad. This also came with countless opportunities to travel around Southeast Asia on my own.

My blog’s mission

And that’s when my blog was born! I want to encourage other young adults who are feeling stuck, stagnant, held back, or intimidated, to TAKE A CHANCE and explore new perspectives through travel.

As cheesy as it sounds, it’s SO true – traveling has changed my life in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible.

So far, I’ve traveled to 11 countries and spent 4 months living in Thailand.

I’ve found a new confidence in myself to step out of my comfort zone and pursue anything I set my heart to. I now believe I’m capable, fearless, and empowered.

I’ve become my happiest by pursuing what I love!

I’ve realized that I don’t have to sacrifice my bucket list or rely on others to see new places, and experience diverse cultures and lifestyles. I can experience anything and everything I want because I’m capable.

Don’t rely on others to make your wanderlust a reality. You are more than able to travel anywhere you want all on your own!

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